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Ombre/Gradient Nails! or whatever you must call it.

I might do this again, (this is from September) it’s quick and easy! Want to learn? Ok, you have no choice you’re learning lol:

  • Base your nails with white nail polish, I used two coats. 
  • Get a make-up sponge (you know, that little triangle prism-ey looking sponge used for concealer)
  • Douse the sponge in water (squeeze a little)
  • Put three horizontal stripes of nail polish of your choice down the long side of the sponge
  • Dab the colors onto your (make sure they’re dry) white nails.
  • Keep dabbing until you see the ombre coming in, might want to do this twice to show more color. It’s NOT going to come out perfect it will be messy around your nail bed (see in the 1st photo), that can be nail polished removed or hand-washed away later.
  • They will dry quickly, and give off a matte/dry type of look.
  • Use a clear top coat and apply, let it dry and Voila! ‘dem nails be cute.
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    I think I may actually love you. Thank you for this- I’ve been wondering how to properly achieve the effect.
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    Gonna try this.
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