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***Wash and GOOOO*** Sort of, I prep it overnight…so, yeah.
  • You can see in the FIRST photo, from the right side of my hair that I needed some refreshed curls, it’s not a wash day so this is how I does my thang…
  • the SECOND photo is after I’ve drenched this 1/6th section my hair with water then added some conditioner/Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie/Coconut oil/Eco-Styler gel. You don’t have to use this much product, especially if your’e afraid of build-up, in that case just conditioner and oil (as a sealer) would be fine…a gel for definition if wanted. I let this dry without touching it AT ALL then put it up in a pineapple (hair in a loose ponytail on top of the head) to sleep, then my curls are fluffy and defined for about 3-4 days, then it’s a wash day.
  • The MIDDLE photo are the tools and products used, all found at local beauty supply H0LL@@@
  • Last two photos are the outcome of this Sort-of Wash and Go and some of the ugly faces I make :-D
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